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Photos - cannot work out how to post them!

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Hello - I'd be grateful for your help : I have 5 pictures of an unknown (to me) dancer who I should love to have identified by the knowledgeable folk on here. 


The photos are on the Photos app on my iMac and, as of this evening, on Photobucket. But I can drag and drop as much as I like from either place  and they will not let themselves be shown in a new Post on here. What do I do next, please? 


Sorry to be pathetic ....!

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Sorry Simon for liking your post but some people seem to be able to post photographs quite easily and others don't.


I'm one of the ones who has serious issues trying to post photographs.  It took me a couple of hours off and on to post a picture of my new dog on the Dog Show News a couple of weeks ago.  I eventually resorted to the rather messy Flikr method in the thread linked by Alison and that did work.  I couldn't get Photobucket to work for me.

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1.  Go to your Photobucket area.

2.  Select a photo, and wait till it appears on its own.

3.  You should see that photo with 4 alternative Sharing options listed to its right.

4.  Click into the URL shown in the Direct box - it should go yellow and say "Copied."

5.  Move to a new post box on here and, when the toolbar is revealed, click on the Link symbol - ie the chainlink with a + sign.

6.  Paste the copied URL into the box that will appear and click "OK."

7.  You should see a link appear as under:




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But Ian, I can't see your image, just the url!


I've tried fiddling around with the various Photobucket options and this works:

  1. Select your image in Photobucket
  2. Click the IMG option to copy it into your computer memory
  3. Paste the url into your Balletco message - don't need to use any of the little link symbols
  4. That's it



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Wow - it worked using the Méthode Mallinson!

Now to see if I can do it for real in the right bit of the Forum. Thank you everyone for your help - it is very much appreciated.

And Janet, I certainly didn't mind you "liking" my whimperings ....! One of the things I really miss about teaching is the ready access to Sixth Formers to sort put my tech problems!

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