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Hello forum members, and a very Happy New Year.   I would like to remind you all of the correct reporting procedures on this forum.  Should you wish to report a post for any reason, or make a general comment or complaint, please do so by sending your message to the whole moderating team at the same time by using the 'report' link which is to be found at the bottom of each posting area.


Click on 'Report' at the bottom of the post, then you can add your comments explaining why you are reporting the post.  Often, forum members contact one moderator directly, and this can, and often does, cause a delay in the complaint being seen.  If that one moderator is away, out, ill or for some other reason not checking their devices/computer, the rest of us won't know about the complaint.


Your kind co-operation in the above will be much appreciated, and will also ensure that your communications with us are dealt with more rapidly.  Please be assured that all complaints are dealt with in the utmost confidence.


Many thanks,



Simonetta Dixon (Sim)
BalletcoForum Committee

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