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Pavlova Season at the BFI: August 2012

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The latest London Ballet Circle newsletter give notice of a season of films about Anna Pavlova at the British Film Institute. I assume that Jane Pritchard who has organised previous historical ballet film seasons at the BFI is largely responsible.


11 August: The Dumb Girl of Portici (3.50 pm)

15 & 25 August: Pavlova: A Woman for All Time (6 pm & 6.15 pm)

17 & 31 August: The Immortal Swan (6.10 pm & 6.20 pm)

18 August: Omnibus: Pavlova; The Dying Swan (6.10 pm)

23 August: Madam and The Dying Swan (6.15) followed by a Q&A with the film makers and Marguerite Porter.

24 August: Pavlova and her Contemporaries on Screen (6 pm)


BFI website

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