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Where have all the teachers gone?


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I have been searching for high quality dance teachers for my school (in Worcester Park, Surrey) for a few months now and have had limited success so far in finding suitable candidates. I would be interested to find out from other teachers (perhaps whom also own their own schools), whether they too are experiencing a drought in the recruitment department? Specifically quality teachers that are passionate, knowledgable and possess good demonstration skills. I am surprised to find this, in light of the fact the big dance training institutions turn out umpteen newly qualified teachers and dancers every year and it would appear a saturated market. i understand teacher training and vocational training is an educational demographic that is thriving, where are all these potential dance teachers of the future? I am wondering if the local dance school (as mine is), is missing out to prep schools and franchises and such or is there another explanation? I'd welcome some perspective!

Caroline Butler arad rts Principal for Kids Love Dance

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