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"Romeo and Julie", RDB, on the site of Danish television

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Estreiiita - thanks for posting the link. I enjoyed watching it just now and would love to see this version live with a comparably fine ensemble. I suppose that would mean a trip to Hamburg or Copenhagen.

I assume the little "ceremony" at the end was the promotion of Ida Praetorius (the lovely Juliet) to the Danish equivalent of Principal or Etoile. An onstage promotion, as in Paris, is somehow more exciting and touching than a press release.


Watching this made me regret that we don't see much Neumeier in London -  it might perhaps be one way of dealing with the perceived problem of a lack of effective narrative ballets. 

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I saw the production live a few years ago and am not overly keen on it but I did enjoy the broadcast.  In my opinion, the camera work was excellent.  Just the right amount of close-ups and at the right times for them too.  I think it made me enjoy the production more (our seats in Copenhagen hadn't been that wonderful).


I thought Ida Praetorius was absolutely sublime as Juliet and I loved the close-ups of her face.  In the tomb scene you could tell that she had found peace once she decided to kill herself.  Andreas Kaas was utterly magnificent as Romeo, so boyish and falling so headlong in love.  I liked Sebastian Haynes as Mercutio too.


Thanks again Estreiiita for the link.

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