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Dear Forum Members,


Five years ago today, BalletcoForum opened for ballet and dance fans everywhere to be able to share their experiences, review performances, ask questions, learn and help each other. Aside from the moderators, on that day we welcomed Pas de Quatre, Stirrups36 and Fiona as some of our first members.  They continue to post today!


I am so pleased to say that today, five years after this start, the forum has grown to 3,916 members (and many more lurkers), and our views are read and taken seriously by many in the dance world. I am even more proud of the fact that a real community has been established on this forum over these years; friendships have been forged and a close group of mutually helpful parents of dancing children are very active and supportive of each other.


We have also reached a total of 184,500 posts on a huge range of different subjects; a very impressive tally! We do hope that the forum will keep on growing and thriving, but without all of you there would be no forum; at least, not the lively one we have become now! So a big thanks to you all for your support and input.


As Chair, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the moderators for the time, dedication and hard work that they all put in. Running the forum is not always easy, and can be time-consuming and even, sometimes, unpleasant. I am so proud that the moderators today have all been in place since Day One; we haven’t lost one of them, and that shows how seriously we all take this forum, and how committed we are to it. We do our best to get things right and walk a balanced line, but it isn’t always easy. Despite this, the moderators always approach things with a mixture of wanting to get it right, and some humour thrown in. I thank each and every one of them. Thanks are also due to Bruce Marriott who, having decided to stop Ballet.co.uk, listened to the cries of “but what will we do now?”  set up this forum and, once established, asked us to take the reins and ride forth.


We would like to wish all of you a very happy festive season, and a peaceful, happy and healthy 2017, full of good cheer and good ballet/dance!


With thanks and best wishes to you all,

Simonetta Dixon (Sim)
BalletcoForum Committee

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