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Accommodation for Elmhurst audition

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Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone on this forum! It is fascinating to hear everyones different stories and journeys...


I wonder if any of you have any tips-


my dd is just 8 and joined RAD Associates recently, which she loves. She is interested in doing the Associates Summer School at Elmhurst in July.  The problem is distance...we are 20 mins south of Gloucester, so driving up and back every day might be too much for her as well as the actual classes. Then there is my 5 year old ds to consider too, who, much as he loves vehicles and motorways, may not appreciate 3 hours in the car every day that week!


Does anyone have any tips-well located places to stay or bed and breakfasts etc that are affordable or other ideas...any would be gratefully received...


Or does anyone know of any other summer schools nearer Gloucester which focus mainly on ballet?


Many thanks in advance




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Hello Balletmummy,


I can't help with summer schools near Gloucester, but if you search the forum there are several threads about accommodation near Elmhurst. I will try to look for them and put links in here later.


When we have stayed in Birmingham previously for RAD events there has always been plenty to do - including, of course, Cadbury World, which your DS might enjoy while DD is dancing. :-)

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My dd did a Summer School with Bristol Russian Ballet School last summer. They did a week for 8-12 year olds and 2 Adv ballet weeks for age 13 upwards but I think there was some flexibility with age depending on ability. I know dancers came from all over the world besides Swindon, Bath, Bristol, etc.

I know Ballet Cymru hold a Summer School but am not sure on ages.  

Some local ballet schools also do summer schools but these vary and often cover other forms of dance besides ballet. The two I suggested are predominantly ballet and I think application is by photographs. 

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Cheap and clean, ibis formerly known as Etap never let us down, parking is reasonable and is easy 10 min walking distance if don't have transport. Also easy walking distance to restaurants in Mailbox and city centre


Edited to correct spelling and add info!

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If you're going by train any of the hotels near the bullring Travelodge, Ibis, Premier or Ibis budget on Bristol Road is close all on bus route or by taxi. If travelling by car Oldbury just of M5 junction 2 about half hour drive away. Longbridge, Frankley, Rubery all in driving distance.

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Posted Today, 12:39 AM

This was the third thread we had on the subject, so I've merged them all :)


Incidentally, if when starting a thread like this you add the tag "accommodation", then once the thread has been posted you can click on that tag and bring up all the other threads tagged with "accommodation" :)

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