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Ballet Boost summer course


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Hi, is anyone familiar or have email contact details for the Ballet Boost summer course at Pineapple Studios?  I have emailed the "info" email address on their website a couple of times already but have received no response.  I know the summer course is from age 8, but I wanted to ask them if my DD will be allowed to join as she will only be less than a month from turning 8 when the course starts.  We have found it so difficult finding holiday/summer courses that are purely dance/ballet (although there seems to be a wealth of musical theatre ones!) and was very excited to see this.

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Hi Tropicmama,


Apologies if you have had trouble with that email - the info@ for some reason doesn't appear unless I go searching? Will investigate further. I will always reply within 24hrs so if no response use my personal email emmanorthmore@yahoo.com/07958 725862 or Facebook. You may well be the person I have tried to reply to 3 times over Christmas but kept bouncing back at me?


If not please fire away your queries - Yes all clear for your daughter if she is only one month of age 8. There is a booking form online for you at the bottom of the Summer page! Its going to be a lovely week as I am gathering some really fab teachers which will be announced very soon!!


Have a wonderful New Year


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