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BRB's William Bracewell in Corey Baker Dance ATURE video

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This was filmed in the Birmingham Municipal Bank building in Broad Street. It was the hub during the recent IDFB. The building has seen the odd exhibition and is open during the hidden spaces weekend, but sadly this beautiful building is neglected. During the IDFB, we were lead to believe that HSBC (who are building a new HQ behind) were going to take it over, maybe as a branch. This would be a very sad use of the building. However, the latest news is that the University of Birmingham are going to use it for research and performances. Good news! Joe Public might be able to visit more often.


It will be a real challenge to get the building ready for occupancy. The ground floor isn't too bad, although some of the marble cladding will need to be replaced (assuming they don't rip it all down). The vaults will presumably remain as is. The upstairs offices and bank managers accommodation are probably off limits until something is done with the stairs. Originally, they featured cast bronze balustrades, but these were stolen by metal thieves and there are temporary scaff bar hand rails in place. There are many sharp edges and until this is dealt with, the upstairs cannot be really used.

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