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Flattering Ballet Skirts


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I love the skirts from this Etsy shop! Very flattering cut: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FlicFlacDanceSkirts


I'm also a fan of Flic Flac skirts. Beautiful designs and reasonably priced.


I recently stumbled across this page and have just ordered some fabric and ribbon in an effort to make a skirt of my own. My sewing skills leave a lot to be desired, so I'll be extremely impressed if I end up with something wearable!

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Just ordered from Flic Flac and from Love Lily thanks to this thread. Gorgeous skirts, beautifully packaged too and both so lovely to deal with, especially making sure that there would be enough fabric as I'm size 12 and making sure the skirts weren't too short as I'm in my late 30s!  Really happy with my order and nothing as pretty in the multitude of dance shops around Drury Lane...

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9 hours ago, BadBallerina said:

Just Jess Dancewear also do lovely skirts and are very accomodating! 


 i have had skirts  from both Just Jess and Flicflac  , i would say they are both comparable and good  ! 

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On ‎06‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 10:12, LinMM said:

Well Blossom there are some pretty ones in the Dance shops around Drury Lane but only if you are are about 12 or under!!

:lol:. To be fair, my mum could probably fit into one from the dance shops... 

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