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Menstrual Cups.

Lisa O`Brien

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Just wondered if anyone has tried them? Seeing how it's my 49th birthday tomorrow and i'm [hopefully] coming towards the end of  my periods soon ,they are of no use to me. I first heard about them because Professor Brian Cox's American wife, Gia Milinovich, swears by them and has told all and sundry about how wonderful they are on Twitter in the past. I never knew what they looked like though, so I just Googled one that I saw called Ruby Menstrual Cups. This company sounds great. They say for every one bought, they will donate one free one to a girl in Africa [Doesn't say which country in Africa so maybe they choose a different country every time]. They explain that in many of the poorest parts of Africa girls have no access to sanitary products. So what happens is, for one week out of every four, during her period, girls have to stay at home, for the  duration of that period. This means that they miss an entire week's worth of lessons ,every single 21 days or so. Wow. They are apparently more hygenic, are more environmentally friendly and although one costs about £22.00, they save money in the long run, by not having to keep buying sanitary products every month. Just thought i'd mention it, as I know a lot of women have not heard of them.

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