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Czech national ballet school


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HI all,

I have been asked by DH on behalf of a work colleague to ask if anyone has knowledge or experience of Czech national ballet school. His DS is 12 and a very promising dancer; he wants to train in Russia (Vaganova method) but really is too young at the moment (his parents couldn't be in Moscow with him as they are both in film and there are other children too, and Vaganova only takes from 16).

They are concerned Czech school doesn't have a male teacher (I am surprised but will ask more) and are not sure if it is a good enough standard to teach him up to 16 (like we were at the same stage they are total ballet newbies :)) .

If anyone knows anything I would be really grateful. I know its a long shot...




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While we were in St Petersburg we went to see this school. I was very impressed as up til a certain age the children do all kinds of dance plus gymnastics swimming ( had a gorgeous pool at body temp almost!) then they begin to specialise around 11 in ballet or contemporary. They also learn a musical instrument and music part of timetable.


This school is entirely paid for by the government for every child wins a place but there are yearly assessments to be passed to keep place etc.

They take children from seven years old ( perhaps a tad young?)

Have absolutely no idea whether they consider foreign students as yet and whether scholarships would be available and so on but facilities are next to none

and they also have their own Ballet Company who seem to be making a mark.

It seemed like a much grander version of somewhere like Elmhurst but paid for by the state for lucky kids chosen to study there.

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Is there any reason why it is the Czech national school they are interested in?

they are czech! sorry should have said :)

 so the point is stay local or go abroad- the usual difficult decision about distance vs quality....

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