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BBC young dancer 2017


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Just thought I would open a new topic on the 2017 BBC young dancer competition. I am starting to hear of dancers who have been selected for the classical final. Also waiting to hear about a couple of the contemporary competitors. Hoping that this competition will continue to develop and attract high level competitors.

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Five dancers have been selected for each category - the Ballet West students are 2 of the 5 from the ballet category. In the Grand Final there will be the winner from each category plus up to 2 wild cards - last year there were 2 and one of them, Connor Scott from Dance City CAT (now at Rambert) won the competition.

I watched the ballet and contemporary semi finals this week at Dance East and had a lovely time. I would have loved to watch the South Asian category as I really enjoyed that last year on the TV, but was a fair distance to travel (think I'll avoid the Street dance, not my thing).

Best of luck to them all !

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