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Exhibition and Sale of bronzes and drawings by Brenda Naylor

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I learned, unfortunately, only yesterday about the death of Brenda Naylor, a sculptor who did quite a good number of sculptures of dancers. Here is her obituary in the Daily Telegraph and the photos of her: https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=sculptor+brenda&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=gtggWIz2L-XR8geGtImQDw


There will be Exhibition and Sale of her art works.

This will take place on 29th November- 2nd December at The Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam St, London WC2N 6BP.

Brenda's bronzes and drawings are to be made available there. The family will also be putting photographs of the bronzes that are for sale, plus the framed, mounted and unmounted drawings.

I understand that more information will be coming out shortly.

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I just received a message that the proceeds of the sale of Brenda Naylor’s works are going to charity -

75% to the Dancers' Career Development Charity,

and the remainder to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


What a fitting tribute to this lovely artist and a wonderful lady!

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After your visit there, Kate, you can continue enjoying the sculpture/dance experience. Within 5 min. walk from the Strand Gallery there is an interesting exhibition at the Courtauld Institute:


          Rodin and Dance: The Essence of Movement.

Apart from sculptures and sketches Rodin's forms and moulds can be seen showing how he managed to cast complicated acrobatic movements.
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I received this message below from the organisers of Brenda Naylor's exhibition and charity auction:

"We hope to have her new, updated website ready early next week, and this will have photographs of all the bronzes, the framed drawings, and some of the mounted drawings.

There will also be information on which bronzes will be in the Silent Auction.
We have had some people asking how the Silent Auction will work. There will be a bidding sheet for each item, and each new bid will be entered there, so that everyone can see how the bidding is going, and will have the chance to put in a new bid.  This will also be possible by telephone and email. We hope to see you all there!"



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