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Erik Bruhn competition includes Royal Ballet Dancers

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National Ballet of Canada Corps de Ballet members Félix Paquet (22) and Calley Skalnik (21) will represent the company at The Twelfth International Competition for The Erik Bruhn Prize on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 7:30 pm at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Choreographic Associate Robert Binet creates a new contemporary work commissioned by the National Ballet, Self and Soul, as part of the competition.


Other participants are:  

Cassandra Trenary (23) and Gabe Stone Shayer (23) from American Ballet Theatre,


Madoka Sugai (22) and Christopher Evans (22) from The Hamburg Ballet, 

Chisato Katsura (20) and Harrison Churches (20) from The Royal Ballet 

Natasha Sheehan (17) and Angelo Greco (21) San Francisco Ballet,

Judging the competition will be Artistic Directors Karen Kain, Kevin McKenzie (American Ballet Theatre), John Neumeier (The Hamburg Ballet), Kevin O’Hare (The Royal Ballet) and Helgi Tomasson (San Francisco Ballet).

Competing for the choreographic prize are Jeffrey Cirio (American Ballet Theatre), Marc Jubete (The Hamburg Ballet), Calvin Richardson (The Royal Ballet) and Myles Thatcher (San Francisco Ballet).


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How are the dancers selected to compete in this? Is it limited to five couples?


The artistic directors of each company choose a male and female dancer from their company. They have to be under 23 years of age. The companies participating change each year, although that was not the original intention, which was to have dancers representing the companies with which Erik Bruhn was associated: Royal Danish, Royal, ABT, and NBOC. But sometimes a company can't spare any dancers at the time of the competition. We have had several competitions without any Royal Ballet dancers, but this the first time we have no Danes. Hamburg and San Francisco have both participated before. Stuttgart has been at least once. Last year we had dancers from Boston for the first time. I don't know how the NBOC (which runs the competition) decides how many companies to invite in a given year.

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ENB took on a 17 year old Prix de Lausanne winner last season and she danced a number of featured roles before she turned 18. I don't know whether she was technically an apprentice but she was not described as such in her bio. She is dancing Clara in Nutcracker in December.

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