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Good Luck to Jack Widdowson


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I watched Jack dance last night at The Place. Following his accident and recovery he appeared in my daughters ballet class (graduate year) a few weeks ago and has been dancing with the Advanced Dance Postgraduate Course before returning in August to pick up his Post Graduate Apprenticeship through London Contemporary Dance School with Bern Ballet.


Last Friday saw the start of the week long Graduation Performances in the Robin Howard Theatre at' the place' where dancers from the BA Hons programme and the Post Graduate Advanced Dance Course are performing everynight. It is a real pleasure to watch these young people as they have grown, a few of them from the CAT scheme, in strength and emotion as well as expected in their technique. The Post Grads dance as one company performing 'Breaking Trail' by Sasha Roubicek and the BA students had to audition before being selected by the 3 choreographers to dance in their pieces. Richard Alston's new work 'Ceremony of Carols' has been entrusted to 12 young dancers alongside Rick Nodine's 'Inner Orbit' an improvisation piece and Janice Garrett's joyful 'Gojibi' created in collaboration with the dancers.


Tickets still available, but possibly sold out for Friday!!!!

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The sentencing of his attacker closes one chapter.  And whilst he has been back in Bern, and was with the company in London a month ago, he and others have left now amongst the changes taking effect there for next season.  The embedded video clip in the Link, above, tells a little of what's to follow - appearing at Glastonbury this weekend, involvement in some courses over the summer, and a job in Germany from August, though he doesn't say where.    Given the prognosis of 18 months ago, he has come a long way and does seem to be a remarkable young man.

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Further to the more recent posts here concerning the sentence given to Jack Widdowson's attacker, it would appear that the sentence has been increased from 13 to 18 years:





Edit:  A fuller treatment available here:



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