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What's happened to Natalia Osipova at the RB? And are the Mariinsky coming in 2017 Summer?

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You have overlooked something! She is dancing in Sleeping Beauty and Mayerling, and just next week is her first performance in Anastasia. She will also feature in Woolf Works. We don't know casting for the last couple of months of the season yet.

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I read the title and thought she'd been injured! Way to give a heart attack! Can't wait to see her in Anastasia :)


Me too, Tatiana! And I'm seeing her in Anastasia next week, so it would have been a blow.



Re: The Mariinsky - Do we know when this will be officially announced? It's crucial to my bank balance that I know what ballets they're doing...

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If anything like the Bolshoi I reckon maybe Jan-March? Tickets usually on sale April time?


The usual form is that the visiting summer companies are included in Booking Period 4, which means the magazine gets published shortly after Christmas.  This year (for the Bolshoi), booking for various levels of ROH Friends opened in February (I remember mine was 19th Feb because of what else I had on the day I booked!) and general public about a month later.  However, at the time of Friends' booking at least, the casting hadn't been announced so we all had to book "blind".

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