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Summer School/Intensive Scholarships


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Thanks! Query about YBSS - can you apply and only go if you get funding? It seems you have to pay a deposit at application. ..


You could, but I think you’d lose your deposit, which I think was £100 per week last year. I’m pretty sure that the deposit was non-refundable if you were offered a place, scholarship or not. The places were awarded based solely on application form and photos (like RBS), but you had to audition to be considered for a scholarship. Last year there were auditions at Rambert and in York. There was no additional fee to audition. 

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And also can any parents of dd who have been recently give any info about class sizes? Looking back on the forum they have been quite big at times..... Even if big were plenty of corrections received? Thanks!

I asked the same question regarding Elmhurst and received a personal message. Their class sizes are between 20/25 and taught by members of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. As I have no experience I'm unsure of corrections/feedback.


BW entire intake per week is max of 25 split into two age groups for classes then broken down into ability. Plenty of personal correction and support (DD attended this summer) I even received a written report/feedback after the SS when requested, but no funding available from the school


Check out your yellow pages. There are separate charities and organisations out there that offer sponsorship, like a local Arts Trust or similar. Funding this way opens up the opportunity to attend any school of your choice rather than those that only offer limited sponsorship. Reference from your DD's ballet teacher can also help when seeking funding. Good Luck. The time and effort is well worth it. 

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Kirov Academy in Washington DC. DS went on 50% scholarship first ever SI, and 100% scholarship in subsequent SIs

in 2014

San Francisco Ballet offered him 100% scholarship (including 100% bed and board)

Ellison Ballet offered him 100% teaching scholarship (not including bed and board)

Dutch National Ballet Academy offered him 100% artistic scholarship (not including bed and board)


So yes lots of places abroad have scholarships available. Of course once you pay for travel and sometimes bed and board in the end the cost is still pretty ferocious (especially New York OMG even now I blanch to think of how much DS spent...). But Dutch NBA isn't so bad for travel or living costs..

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