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Lost item!!

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This may have been in the Performance thread not sure


But not that long ago (last couple of weeks!) I read something in a thread that then took one to a newspaper article about Benjamin Millepied and his leaving of POB recently.

It's not any of the articles which come up when I've tried googling but was definitely from this Forum somewhere!

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

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Unfortunately not that one Janet.


There's a particular quote I'm after in the one I did read.

I'm trying to rack my brains as to which thread discussion it came up in.

But there was a link in it to an interview with an individual and Millepied .....so it was a conversation as such...but whether for a magazine or newspaper article or just a one off interview am not sure.


I may try googling interviews!! But many thanks anyway.

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Yes Alison but nothing but this thread comes up!


Really weird

In the article .....it was a sort of question and answer thing ...some of the things he said were in blue as sort of quotes as the article progressed.

It's something about dancers bodies being musical instruments but I wanted to,get the exact quote from this interview.


I'm so sure it was from the forum but you know what can happen it might be buried in a thread that's nothing actually to do with Paris Opera Ballet or Millepied precisely but has come in from general discussion!!


I was wondering whether it might have been in connection with ABT going to POB in September with Sleeping Beauty and he has come up,as a recently left Director etc

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Well I've solved it!! A few hours and a bit of a story!!


As I was doing a general Google of Millepied and his Quotes etc etc there were several interviews coming up and I remembered that just before the quote I'm interested in he was going on about the corps de ballet must not look like wallpaper. So I put that in Google and one of the things which came up is our own Balletcoforum


This goes back to,a thread in February and thanks to DUCK I went into an interview from Le Figaro and have now found the quote in original French!


However the article I read recently was in English and the reason it was so recent is its in association with the thread on Ismene Brown leaving her Dance Critic role!!

After reading this thread I decided to google her and it was in one of her arts blogs that the title about Millepied leaving Paris Opera came up. She refers to the Figaro Article and it looks now like a straight translation of it!! Or more or less.


That's Balletcoforum for you .....a rather circuitous route ...but all things seem to lead back there in the end!!!


Anyway I love this quote so in French original it is:


Des L'ecole de danse les enfants doivent comprendre qu' un danseur est un musicien qui fait de la musique avec son corps


Don't know whether it's completely original from him but love it anyway.

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