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Brian Rix RIP


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Actor and campaigner Brian Rix (Lord Rix) has died at the age of 92.  Although more well known for his extensive charity work in recent years, I have fond memories of him as an actor in the once famous Whitehall farces.  Farce is out of favour now and has been for many years, but I think it's fair to say that in his day Lord Rix was very much the King of farce and the genre used to attract sizeable audiences.


It may be of interest to ballet goers to mention that one of the farces he appeared in, 'Chase Me Comrade', was inspired by the defection of Rudolf Nureyev with one of the leading characters being a Russian male dancer.  Topicality was often a feature of the farces, so it wasn't so unusual for one to be inspired by Nureyev who in those days made front page news every time he flew into London.


Lord Rix was a very funny and a very compassionate man, may he rest in peace.



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