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Wobble Board vs Wobble Cushion- advice please?


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Hi, after attending a summer course where we trained using equipment like wobble boards/cushion and similar to boost strength, I have decided to buy one for myself as I feel it really helped with strength which is something I need to improve. But I can't decide whether to buy a wobble board like this one: http://www.physioroom.com/product/PhysioRoom.com_Wooden_Wobble_Board_40cm/3183/39364.html which apparently helps whole body/core stability or a wobble cushion such as this: http://www.physioroom.com/product/PhysioRoom.com_NEW_Air_Stability_Wobble_Balance_Rehab_Cushion_35cm/3184/39222.html?gclid=CJL759vk0M4CFWgq0wodpKgJbQ which is supposed to be for ankle and foot strength. I am reluctant to buy both, certainly at the same time, so opinions on which one is better/which one to buy now would be gratefully received.

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It depends how advanced you are. I prefer wobble cushions as you can alter how much you inflate it, and because it doesn't move around quite so much there's less chance for injury. But I wouldn't want to see anyone going on demi-pointe on one, whereas you could on a wobble board b/c they're flat (although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it unless the dancer was super super stable, and probably still want them near a barre just in case!)


The other day I sat on my wobble cushion in a butterfly/ sitting frog with just my big toes touching the floor and worked through ports de bras including arabesque lines. It gave me quite a challenge in my core!

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