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RB Anastasia running time query

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but does anyone know the running time for the Royal Ballet's Anastasia? I'm seeing it in October but could do with booking train tickets etc well in advance...


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I chanced upon a cast sheet from April 2004 a couple of days ago (it'd got tucked inside a book I must have been reading back then!) and running time then was 2hrs, 45 mins. As a matter of interest Yanowsky was the Tsarina, Tuckett was the Tsar, and Galeazzi was Anastasia/Anna Anderson. Really looking forward to seeing it again.

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It is very strange that the ROH is unable to give the running time of this ballet.It is hardly new to the company's repertory. It suggests to me that Lady M has got the ouija board out again and has been taking instructions from the other side about "improving" the piece. Who can say whether she has been told to take out the pruning shears again, remove some props or insert some music to slow down the action as she did in Manon ? She can't have plans to re-orchestrate the score, can she?


I don't think that her tinkering with Manon has done anything to improve it in performance. The newly added cello solo in the third act merely serves to slow down the action while the re-orchestration adds nothing to the ballet's effectiveness. I got the impression from his autobiography that Peter Wright is not that impressed by Lady M's involvement in staging and tweaking her late husband's works. I am with him on that.

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