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Adult ballet classes in London (the City/central London)?


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Hi everyone,


I'm probably going to be spending October in London for work and am very keen to try a ballet class or two while I'm there. I just wondered if anyone has any classes they can recommend?


It would need to be drop-in, evening/weekend, and easily accessible from the City. The options online are overwhelming, but the adult classes at the Central School of Ballet look like they might suit.  Has anyone tried these? 


I passed my RAD Intermediate exam earlier this year, so would be looking for something around that level. Ideally somewhere where my non-ballerina body and terrible pirouettes won't stick out like a sore thumb!


Any suggestions gratefully received!


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For drop in classes at the weekend and evenings there is Central (nearest to City) and Danceworks ...just off Oxford Street not far from Bond Street and the Place very close to Kings Cross.


At Central ....though at least two,years now since been there I used to do David Kierce improvers class. He used to do an intermediate/ Advanced class on Sunday's as well but doesn't appear to,be on the timetable at the moment. Very cheery teacher you'd have to be in a

Very bad mood not to enjoy his classes.


There is also on Sunday afternoon Renato Peroni ....he's fine ....and occasionally professionals attend etc....but the classes were generally too crowded for me!!


There are numerous classes at Danceworks but the only teacher I know well there is Franziska Rosenzweig.....and I can thoroughly recommend ....but classes there would be more expensive than at Central because you have to pay a day joining fee as well as class fee. Again Franziska does beginners and a more Advanced class and if you are into pointe work she runs separate pointe work classes as well.

The Place has mostly nice studios and although I've been there many times on workshops I don't know the ballet classes there but I'm sure will all be reputable teachers.

As it happens in October Franziska is running an intensive workshop over a long weekend.....I think....so if you are quite strong definitely worth attending. I do her one day workshops but because I'm older cannot cope with too many days of full dancing on the trot!

If you google her holistic ballet website it will have details there.

Hope you find something.

There are many other classes but these are more on a course basis so not drop in.

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Here hopefully is the link to the intensive....being held at the Place.


Unfortunately I cannot attend this as will be in Russia the following week so two weeks off doing ballet just a bit too much!!


The good thing about the above course ....if you are working ....is it involves attending evenings and One Saturday attendance.

I love Serenade so a bit gutted cannot go this time.

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When I'm working in London (I live way down in the West Country) I generally go to Danceworks for Hannah Frost's classes - even her Beginners is a thoroughly good work out & chance to work on the basics - the choreography of combinations is very simple, but some of the things she asks us to do are very difficult!


I've also just done a class with Adam Pudney - he's terrific! His Beginner's class at Danceworks is more like a USA Advanced Beginners - somewhere between Beginners & Intermediate. He has a very interesting way of working with the music - at the barre, his combinations are always on the count so they are very clear, and precise. It gives you a chance to really work on transitions, and the clean finish of each combination. In the centre, there was more working through the music, and a variation of emphasis.


Again at Danceworks, Christine Mittelmaier's Intermediate class on a Sunday morning is lovely - she gives such flowing danceable combinations at the barre & in the centre. Her Thursday Elementary/Intermediate class is lovely too, but in a much smaller studio.


Mr Pudney's and Ms Mittelmaier's classes have live pianists - gosh, it makes such a difference having a live accompanist.


I used to make a habit of Renato Paroni's Sunday afternoon class at Central School - he is an extraordinary teacher - I've never been so turned out so easily after his barre! But he's often not teaching there & his regular substitute teacher is lovely, but not an active teacher in the way he is (he watches like a hawk & does very good hands on corrections), and sometimes in his class one doesn't get the chance to really MOVE a lot - he sets fairly static combinations, and we spend a lot of time at the barre - he'll repeat exercises until everyone gets them. 


I get very good teaching where I live, but the level is very very basic, so a palette of London teachers is helping me keep the body remembering!

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