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Flexibility in lower body for a 14 year old Ds.


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Some children respond well to slow gradual stretching others do not as the neurological system gets in the way and tells the body to stop stretching in case it injures itself. Boys particularly seem to be more susceptible to this especially if they are tall for their age. It is really important to strengthen the opposing muscles to those you want to stretch. Also worth looking into Fascial release as things such as gripping toes, slightly misaligned head position and any imbalance between abdominal strength and back strength can cause the back Fascial line to become tight which in turn will effect mobility.


Any stretch under 2 minutes is not going to affect a lasting change but causing the body pain in a stretch will be counter productive. Above all, don't let your son worry about flexibility, it will come as long as he finds a way to stretch that is entirely personal to his body type. It also takes time while young bodies are growing.

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