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Schools in York


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Evening all!


I had a feeling I posted this question before, possibly on the old forum, but can't find anything on it by searching to have to ask again. I'm moving back to York in September and looking for a Dance School there. I might go back to my old teacher who I went to when I was at Uni there, but also looking around in case I find anywhere else.


My main problem is that I'm 23 but looking for RAD vocational teaching, even though I'd never be anywhere near good enough to dance professionally. I took my Inter 2 years ago and passed with 45 and have been doing Adv Foundation and Grade 7 since then, and taking my Grade 7 in 3 weeks. I wouldn't mind doing Grade 8, but really like the challenge in the vocational grades so would like somewhere that offers them even though I'm not the most flexible/best turned out etc dancer. I don't mind going to a teenage class if the teacher and students don't mind, as I know I'm not likely to find a class at that level for adults!


I also do a conditioning/limbering class at the moment, which is great for flexibility, strength, general workout etc but what some people might call quite hard core. Anyone know of anywhere that offers something like that? Doesn't have to be the same place as ballet...


Thank you so much for your help!



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