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This is a follow up thread to my original back in January; I've attached it below!


I'm trying to find a boys/male ballet class in Bristol- can anybody help? Recently moved up from Wiltshire where I really struggled to find a suitable class! Hopefully somebody on here will have a contact, although I appreciate that finding a male technique class is a bit of a tall order! Thanks in advance :)


P22 :)


Original Post:



My first post here, so my apologies if it's in the wrong section! :ph34r:



I've recently finished university, entered the big wide world of work and would absolutely love to start ballet again; I went to a high school which offered RAD ballet and last took lessons around 5 years ago at grade 5.


Whilst in University, I tried a few different classes in the town I was living- I tried a grade 6 class which was great, but being the only boy with girls a few years younger was a little awkward despite the teacher making me feel very welcome. I also tried an adult class which was a little too advanced, the teacher really belittled me and made me feel to be an inconvenience but the other students in the class really accepted my presence which was nice.


Understandably I'm finding it a little daunting to start dancing properly again, but I feel that its almost a "now or never" scenario, as otherwise I'll continue to put it off and definitely regret it. I just feel that breaking past the taboo of males doing ballet is sometimes quite difficult when actually trying to find a suitable class.


I've just relocated to Somerset/Wiltshire area, so would really appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction towards finding a good school or teacher that would be able to accommodate me!


Plie_22 :lol:

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I have no experience of these classes but there is  'Ballet Bristol' - who are adults who are an amateur ballet company - as far as I know they have classes.  and then when I googled to check their name, I also found 'adultballetclasses' in Bristol.


good luck x

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