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Ybss - kit list


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DD is attending ybss tomorrow - it really seems to have crept up on me and I need to get packing.

I don't think I have received any details other than our offer email and medical form, email says refer to website for info but I'm a little confused about what she will need.

DD is 12 and has taken IF exam - does this make her a junior, therefore needing a character skirt?

I have the essentials ie, tights, Leo, pointe shoes, should I pack snacks & drinks?

Any tips gratefully received ????

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Hi -senior students are classed as 16 years and older so your dd is definitely a junior. The website has a clothing list under the information header. If she is residential then all food is provided, however if she is anything like my dd some emergency biscuits and a few familiar treats from home are worth packing just for the comfort value! Hope she has a great time.

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