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Royal Ballet Autumn 2016 booking

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I can't see that we have a thread already going for this, but someone please let me know if there is one and I'll merge them.


Mixed feelings about today's experience, really.  Despite the ROH website informing me that there would be a queue operating from 8.55 am, and despite my refreshing the page numerous times from that time onwards, I didn't get put into the queue until 9 am, by which time there were some 750 people ahead of me :(


Not hugely successful, but I've known worse.  Have had to go for a few rear amphi standings, which is not normal.  (If anyone has any inexpensive Nunez/Muntagirov Filles or Osipova Anastasias - but not the cinema one - going spare, please bear me in mind :) )  I gave up in the end: it's too hot to bother.  Internet Explorer was only giving me the "best available" option at times, and of course the ROH website and I don't agree on what's "best", so I gave up and used Firefox, which wasn't, although that tended to hang annoyingly.


NB: there is far better availability for Les Enfants Terribles on the Barbican website - although there *is* a booking fee to be contended with there.

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In and out within 7 mins, pretty accessible seats, and my first choice of dates - one of my easiest and fastest bookings yet!


No aisle seats - as bloomin' usual - but at least managed to get extra legroom instead.

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I was in and out very smoothly too though I couldn't get a front row centre Balcony or Amphi for Roberta's Fille matinee so hedged my bet with a balcony standing place for £8, I decided against Anastasia will watch the live relay cheaper and better view/less all round hassle (no trek to London) so a cheap day today:-)

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