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Vaganova Prix - St. Petersburg, 23rd-29th October, 2016

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Just saw that the Vaganova Academy in Russia will be reviving the Vaganova Prix competition for 15-8 year old vocational ballet students. The closing date for applications is 15th September.


The final gala will be held at the Mariinsky Theatre on 29th October. At the moment there are plenty of tickets available, starting at around £18.


I've seen some mentions of ballet master-classes and other activities taking place during the week of the competition but it's not clear which are open to the public and at what cost - I'll drop them a line to ask.


Further details about the Prix:



Quoted on that page:

Official website of Vaganova Prix: http://www.vaganovaprix.ru
Vaganova Prix Facebook page: http://fb.me/vaganovaprix
Vaganova Prix  VKontakte page (Russian social media - like Facebook): https://new.vk.com/vaganovaprix

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Sorry - the broadcast on 29th October is not the final of the competition but the concluding gala. Still, it looks very interesting. The schedule (taken from the Mariinsky TV website):

I. Prize-giving ceremony for winners of the VII International Vaganova-Prix Competition 

II. Gala concert of prize-winners 

III. Die Puppenfee 
(one-act ballet) 
Music by Josef Bayer
Libretto by Joseph Haßreiter and Franz Gaul
Choreography by Konstantin Sergeyev

The Mariinsky Orchestra 
Conductor: Valery Ovsyanikov

Age category 6+




Apparently the final will be broadcast online on 

https://mariinsky.tv/e :

29 October Saturday 19:00-22:00 Gala Concert. Close of the Vaganova-Prix international ballet competition

[edited to add that times are for Russia]


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Hope I can get to see this.....unfortunately arriving in St Petersburg on Nov 1st ....so will just miss the Gala for real .....however I hope CeliB is following this thread as her son has just messaged me he is performing in the ballet Die Puppenfee on the 29th and 30th!!

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That strikes me as a bit of a warped way of saying "Fairy doll" in German :)

I'm also a bit confused as to why it should be (courtesy of Wikipedia) one of the most-performed ballets in the German-speaking world.  After all, ballet is a silent art (most of the time).  It's not as if you'd say that Coppelia is one of the most-performed ballets in francophone countries, or something.


Oh well, something for me to mull over next time I'm particularly bored.

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The results were very interesting e.g. e.g. top girls and boys places in the senior division went to students from Korea.  I'm really looking forward to watching the broadcast - would have loved to see a recording of the competition itself - So far there are just snippets on social media. With the unprecedented use of social media, particularly at Vaganova, it's been possible to follow the progress of all the contestants online over the last few years, which for me has been a real treat. 


Sorry, I only gave the Russian time of the gala. It is today (29th October) at 5 p.m. UK time at https://mariinsky.tv/e Mods, could you possibly alter the subject line of this thread so that people will know there'll be a live broadcast today? 

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