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Lost Dog / Ben Duke - Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) - Spring 2016

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I was at The Quays Theatre within The Lowry last night to see Lost Dog's Paradise Lost, which was recently nominated for a Southbank Sky Arts Award.


What can I say, I was captivated from start to finish.  It is not, strictly, a dance performance as the work consists of a lot of chatter and some movement (rather than dance).  It is a one-man show, performed by Lost Dog's Artistic Director, Ben Duke.


Ben Duke endears himself to the audience from the moment he walks on stage.  He explains that he is attempting to portray Milton's Paradise Lost.  He then reads us the last sentence and concludes with the fact that he hopes none of the audience have read it!  He plays all the characters - God, Lucifer, Adam, Eve and The Serpent.


He veers from a modern day Dad trying to persuade his child to get into the car to go to school to God the creator.


As the show proceeds I found myself getting more and more drawn into it.  Occasionally when something momentous is happening the music (a very eclectic mix) gets louder and you cannot hear what he is shouting, which is a very effective tool.


I can't adequately describe this work but may I suggest that you go and see it for yourselves.  It is on at Wilton's next week.  Leave any preconceptions behind and enjoy...



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