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Grand pas de quatre question

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Is anyone whose indexing skill is better than mine (not that difficult) able to remind me of where there is a recording of this work which Anton Dolin ?created / revived and taught to the Kirov? I am sure I have seen one where one of the 4 ballerinas is a very young Kolpakova but I'm blowed if I can find it in the pile!! If it exists on a commercial dvd like treasures of the Kirov or whatever which I can now buy, that would be perfection. Can anyone advise?

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There is a recording with Alicia Alonso,Melissa Hayden ,Nora Kaye and Mia Slavenska you can find it on YouTube I love this one, also Nina Aniashvili has it on one of her DVD's. Alonso Thesmar Fracci and Evdokimova on youtube .My favourite is the 1st one it has the quality and perfect style ,look out for Alonso's lightness and compare it with the later one.

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Does it have to be the Kirov version? I have a DVD "Alicia Alonso, Prima Ballerina Assoluta" which actually has the Pas de Quatre danced by Alicia Alonso, Melissa Hayden, Nora Kaye & Mia Slavenska - it is a very good version, and I would imagine authentic. The version danced by students (was is Royal Danish Ballet School) during the jury's deliberations at the Prix de Lausanne was painfully slow and I felt was not in the real Romantic style.


cabriole, your post just appeared up as I was writing this - we obviously agree.

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I have the following:


Alonso, Fracci, Evdokimova, Thesmar, The Romantic Era, 1980

Kolpakova, Komleva, Evteyeva, Mezentseva, Kirov Ballet, Classical Ballet Night, 1982

Fracci- Cerrito Variation, 1962, Firestone Dances.

Alonso, Mirta Pla, Loipa Araujo, Aurora Bosch. National Ballet of Cuba.

Alicia Alonso – Prima Ballerina Assoluta. 1968.

Alonso, Melissa Hayden, Nora Kaye, Mia Slavenska. Bell Telephone Hour.


1986 (Dolin), Cerrito: Elena Yevteyeva; Grisi: Gabriela Komleva, Taglioni: Lubov Galinskaya, Grahn: Ludmilla Kovtaleva.

The Glory of the Kirov.

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