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ENO Jenufa - one last performance this Friday - book now!


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I have commented a few times on the ENO crisis (see the separate thread). But this note is simply to encourage everyone to go to Jenufa, which has one more performance coming up, this Friday 8th July. It is as good as the ENO ever gets: wonderfully conducted by the sadly departing Mark Wigglesworth, a great cast and chorus, an award-winning production...just go! When I last looked there were seats available at all prices.


If you already know it, this opera is of course pretty miserable, although with a stunning "happy ending" (one factor which may have contributed to its success over the years). If you are a Janacek fan (Cunning Little Vixen perhaps?) you need to see this. If you don't know his work, this stunning evening is a great place to start. I was there tonight and frankly, after the dodgy new Trovatore at the ROH (why another production by a beginner from the continent? there are enough, presumably cheaper, incompetents available here) and the Ring on the South Bank (one needs to be supportive but the RFH is terrible and many elements weren't top notch), it was just tremendous to be able to relax, knowing that everyone involved is at the top of their game. Friday's performance may be a last chance to experience the greatness of the ENO we all remember, before an enthusiastic young American (who ruined Tristan recently) takes over.


No need to believe what I say. Check the reviews or the words of the President of the ENO, who sent out a note:--


>>I have not given a plug for ENO recently. Despite all the noise, the productions have been selling very well. But the brilliant Jenufa still has a lot of seats to sell. This would not move me to recommend it here but its excellence does. It would be a big shame to miss seeing this remarkable production.


>>Barry Millington describes it in his 5 star review in the Evening Standard as “a revival of David Alden’s terrific 2006 production that seems even more heart-rending than before.” The music is both beautiful and searing and the orchestral playing and singing is wonderful. It really is a most moving opera and this production has received 4 and 5 star reviews from everyone. If you have not seen it before then do try to go. If you have seen it before then this performance will enthral you even more.


>>If you can go, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Best wishes Vernon

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