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English National Ballet School Summer Showcase

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I didn't go this year. How do you think that it compared to last year, Kat09? Personally, last year I felt that there should have been a greater emphasis on classical pieces.


I thought that there was a better mix of genre this year Aileen and the graduating 3rd years were allowed to shine in both classical and contemporary pieces Arctic/Shaker Loops and Raymonda Grand Pas Classique Act 3 - overall a very enjoyable evening with lots of talent on show from all years. The 1st year men are particularly strong and a joy to watch.

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A thoroughly enjoyable performance ,under the directorship of Samira Saidi the school is improving so much .I agree the first year men so good . second years in Scottish Dances by Bintley spot on and third years in contemporary and classical showed a clear understanding of both styles .Well done to ENBS teachers too .

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