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MDS bands 2016/17


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We have just had our MDS form to complete from school and I have tried to find information on Gov.co.uk about the current contribution bands. I can't find anything and wondered if anyone has an up to date list or could provide a link, please? ????

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I was going to say Royal always had a list on their website but they now have a handy little calculator to work out your contribution based on their school fees. Elmhurst have a 2012/2013 chart on website under funding for years 7 - 11.

Over the years my dd had an MDS I don't think the bands varied much at all. Salaries didn't really increase as working in public sector and our contribution was much the same year on year.

We just got caught out on the DaDA by being in the wrong year group.

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I don't think I've ever seen one on the gov website just the schools that award them. Contact the school that gave you the MDS form and ask them about the bands.

Elmhurst were happy to give us an idea of our contribution when dd first awarded a MDS but couldn't confirm until much later in the process as it is a lot of work for the school finance team to calculate all the bits and pieces.

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Can anyone help? I'm filling in MDS form for CAT does anyone know when your child is no longer a dependent for funding purposes... My son is 18 living at home and is an apprentice starting his degree in September... Do I still put him on Part 8 of the form?



Hi charlie4dancin, on the tax website an apprentice is classed as employed, therefore is no longer a dependent, but if he is doing a full-time degree, then he's classed as a dependent. Not sure how you work out if he's doing both. If the degree is part-time, then I would assume that he would no longer be classed as a dependent on the MDS form. Probably best to give MDS a call to double check. LTD

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