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Teaching faculty at London Junior Ballet


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Hi my DD has been associate here for 3 years and is currently 10 - year 6. She is in the senior foundation. ... Most of her class are in yr7/8 and even 9 ...she has had a great time ...we turned down Elmhurst associates and Tring CBA to stay here,she's sad to leave ...she's off to WL in September.Hope your daughter enjoys it.x

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Congratulations to your DD Sugarpumpkin! We have also been offered Elmhurst Associates this year, but as it clashes with her training from her regular ballet school we may also have to turn it down. I am glad you recommend the training as my DD's dance teacher had not heard of the associate program and so we are not sure what to expect.

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The programme is very good for technique...my DD liked the the combination of classical class followed by repertoire ...and now she also does a little pointe.the progress she made in the first year was astounding..and that was due to the programme as her local dance school did not specialise in ballet more MT.

We just felt that Elmhurst couldn't offer anything for her that she wasn't already getting,although obviously it's different for every student.This year she also been a RBS JA and this programme really complimented it....there are three from her LJB class going into year 7 at WL this year.

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