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Height of professional ballet dancers.


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Hi Robin64, my DD is 15 and already just over 5' 8".

She adores her ballet but is realistic to know that her height is likely to go against her successfully auditioning at many schools. However she continues to work hard because she loves it, and as others have said who knows what will be in vogue in the future.

She has just completed her first year on a contemporary CAT scheme and we had her end of year tutuorial last night. Interestingly her height was mentioned as she is one of their taller 1st year students. However this was not in any way seen as a negative factor; she was told to embrace her height and to use her leg and arm extensions to the fullest because when she does she " looks amazing" (apparently!). At the moment, like most teenage girls she is self conscious about herself so tends to hold back so as to not look different from the shorter dancers. She was advised that as she matures and progresses through the scheme she will grow to love her height and what she can achieve with her body and was again told she has the potential to be an "amazing dancer".

Your DD must not give up on her dreams, like mine she can do nothing about her height, only embrace it and use it to her full advantage. :)

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KItschqueen, thanks, that is very reassuring. DD auditioned for a CAT this year and got called back but her letter advised her to try next year as they wanted to offer places to 14 year olds or above because they needed the training more to try for vocational schools. I know she will go again as she loved the day and I think it would be right for her. We shall see what happens. Nice to hear your scheme being so positive and I hope your DD continues to thrive.

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