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Local Ballet Summer School South Oxfordshire


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Hello first post so hope this is allowed.


As a none dancer, I have been reading a whole different world on this forum of JA, Associates, Vocational school etc, but living in Oxfordshire we are a little away from all the main ballet activities. For people like me, whose daughter likes to dance but would like something affordable and local, Abingdon Youth Ballet run a summer school for a week, this year the theme is Sleeping Beauty the first week of August. Days are a mixture of technical class, prop making and a repertoire class with a demonstration and performance at the end. Ages 8 to 18 usually split to the two levels of ability, with boys welcomed. Abingdon Youth Ballet don't have a web page but do have a Facebook page with some details of the summer school. 




PS I have no commercial links just happy customers, mum and DD aged 9.

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