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Carla Lane RIP

Jan McNulty

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Oh no how sad. I loved all three of those shows. RIP. Butterflies was my favourite of the three. Thought it was really special and as well as being funny was also poignant and had a lot of depth.

I liked The Liver Birds and Butterflies. In my youth, I just thought they were very funny. As I got older, I appreciated their subtleties more, particularly Butterflies which as well as being good comedy, was a very skillfully observed human drama. These shows were properly constructed, with believable characters, saying and doing things you could actually imagine people doing in real life. That's what made them funny and true.

I also liked Carla Lane for her animal welfare and rights work. RIP.

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I don't think I ever saw any of Bread, but I adored Butterflies.


I echo everyone else in the hope they will show it again as a tribute. 

Jean Boht, the actress who played Nellie Boswell ,the mother of the family in Bread was great. She is married to the conductor,Carl Davis.

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