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Young dancers, the Olympics and the Torch Relay


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I posted details about a ballet dancer who ran with the Olympic Flame the other day in the NOT Ballet forum, but perhaps this was a mistake, as it is does involve ballet indirectly, and not many people have looked at it. Some Doing Dance contributors may know some of those involved.


This is what I wrote -

I have been watching the torch run through Stockton-on-Tees and spotted a runner who was clearly a dancer. He thoroughly enjoyed his run & so did everyone watching! The BBC commented on-line about him. What an inspirational story.


Here is what was said: - " Kicking off his stint by delivering a high kick is James Hobley. He was diagnosed with autism at four-years-old and had problems with his legs as he tiptoe walked as a toddler. He had to wear braces on both legs and special orthopaedic boots because the tendons up the back of his legs were tight. But he made a recovery and discovered dancing, and has won a full scholarship to the Hammond Dance School in Chester. James adds split jumps to his earlier high kick to complete a snazzy little torchbearer routine" !


Kathy G then mentioned Lydia Hurst of Elmhurst. She is featured on Elmhurst’s site http://www.elmhurstd...rch-Bearer.html

and has her own site http://lydiaholt.com/ where she describes the experience. She clearly had a brilliant time.


Now I find that Daniel Dolan from Widnes, flew back from Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy to be a torch bearer. According to the article I found he is only the third British boy to train at Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy in 236 years. http://www.runcornandwidnesworld.co.uk/news/9744994.Ballet_prodigy_flys_home_from_Russia_to_carry_the_Olympic_torch/?ref=rss


Scottish Ballet Youth Collective performed at the Olympic Torch Relay celebration in Glasgow. They can be seen on


Isn’t it great that so many young ballet dancers are involved ? Are there any more?!!!

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The Leeds celebrations are going to keep the dancers busy, Kitschqueen 1. According to one website " 50 dancers from RJC Dance, Yorkshire Dance Youth, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Youth Academy are leading the 30,000 audience in a mass particiption performance.!! Sounds like a busy evening, followed by a long lie in the next day for your dd's friends!


Today Strictly Come Dancing champions Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani are part of the torch relay from Kendal to Blackpool.


Just found another dancer running - on 26 June - Hollie Woodhouse, who "has studied dance and musical theatre since the age of three at a local dance school and the Northern Ballet in Leeds. Studying ballet, modern contemporary, jazz, tap, musical theatre, drama and piano she has performed in many festivals and theatre productions, including performances at the Lamproom Theatre in Barnsley". It is possible to watch the relay on line http://www.london2012.com/torch-relay/

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Not the relay - Olympic Gymnasts this time! "Five-times British champion gymnast Frankie Jones has picked a routine for her Olympics attempt created by Birmingham Royal Ballet principal dancer Matthew Lawrence.Welsh-born 21-year-old Jones is the only British individual rhythmic gymnast to compete at the 2012 Olympics, and will unveil her new routine at the Rhythmic Gymnastics British Championships on 29 June in Stoke in Trent. The four days of rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the London 2012 Olympic Games in which Frankie will be competing take place between Thursday 9 and Sunday 12 August at Wembley Arena". 


The ROH is very much involved too -

The Olympic Journey: The Story of the Games is coming to the Royal Opera House this summer from Saturday 28 July until Sunday 12 August.

BP and the Royal Opera House have joined forces with The Olympic Museum in Lausanne to create a free and unique exhibition telling the Olympic story through the endeavours of ancient and modern Olympians. This exhibition, shown in London for two weeks only, will include artefacts from athletes through the ages, audio and film, the summer Olympic Medals since 1896 and the summer Olympic Torches since 1936. [http://www.roh.org.uk/about/the-olympic-journey]


There will be another interesting exhibition at the Britsh Library - Olympex 2012: Collecting the Olympic Games. 25 July – 9 September 2012. Also two talks on the 1908 & 1848 London Olympics. [http://www.bl.uk/whatson/exhibitions/olympex2012/index.html]



Kitschqueen 1 - How was the weather in Leeds? Did the performance go ahead? Were you there?

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Hi Arky, think the weather held out for them :-)


Sadly we did not go to watch. We had to wade through thigh high flood water to get home on Friday eve (thankfully I live on a hill but had to abandon my car 2 miles away)and then find an alternative (really long) route to Leeds on Saturday morning to avoid the flood damage so I could get DD to Quarry Hill for her end of year show! We decided a day at home was necessary on Sunday! :-D

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Hi Kitschqueen 1, I'm not surprised that you needed a rest on Sunday after all that. It must have been a bit of a nightmare getting home through the floods Glad you and DD made it to Quarry Hill for the show & that you both enjoyed it. I'm off to see my granddaughter's end of year show on Thursday- it's that time of year!


Just had a search & it did go ahead at Temple Newsam. Photos & write - http://newsfeed.leedsvirtualnewsroom.co.uk/

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Kitschqueen 1, my granddaughter's show was great, very varied, wonderful costumes & dancing.


Now we know about the ballet at the closing ceremony - according to another post Darcy will be dancing!

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