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Jekyll and Hyde at The Old Vic , London

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Drew McConie's Jeckyll and Hyde received a rapturous standing ovation on Thursday night 26 th May, to my delight as I thought it well deserved. Having read the Telegraph critic's 2* review I had lower expectations than I'd formerly hoped for, however I now wonder if he and I saw the same show !

From the outset the performance grabbed me, and it's a heady mix of quirky fun and melodrama , with superb dancers headed by Dan Collins in the lead as Dr Jeckyll . For the full casting and description see the Old Vic website www.oldvictheatre.com

McConie's choreographic style is full of energy and verve , at times witty and delicate , but then POW the heavy rock thunders in and the mood and choreography changes to represent the dark depths of Hyde's psychopathic depravity.

The rotating set conjures up multiple locations ; a gym, a florist shop, a lab etc and this was incredibly effective as was the lighting and original live music. A word of warning that strobe lighting is used particularly in act 2. It's used sparingly and well , mainly during the scenes where Hyde takes over Jeckyll's mind .

For contemporary dance fans and those who love a darn good yarn , go see asap as there is only a v short run. But a show of this quality will hopefully tour ? Well done Drew !

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Thanks so much for this, Mandy.  Great to have a review from you again after so long!!  This sounds like a fascinating programme.  Have a look at all the reviews in Today's Links.  Quite a mixed bag, but generally positive.


Please keep them coming!  :)

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