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I've been asked by a member of the parallel ballet board in the US, Ballet Talk for Dancers, to let UK people know about a Summer Programme in Prague which she & her husband are organising. 


The link to the information is here:



The organisers tell me that:


"it is a top notch program. The dancers that attended last year loved it. Excellent teachers, lots of classes per day, evening programs, a tour of both the Prague castle and another castle outside Prague. Cost of the program is $2,400 USD and includes tuition, housing, two meals per day, excursions on the weekend, and a dinner cruise after the final performance. It also includes transport to and from the airport or train stations, cards for the public transportation within Prague (amazingly efficient!). The rooms are like a suite. Two separate bedrooms, a small sitting room with closets and bathroom and shower.


This intensive is for dancers that have studied ballet for a few years, Pointe would be great as we do a lot of pointe, partnering, and variations, but the may be taken in soft shoe. Classes are limited in size with an amazing pianist who plays all ballet technique classes."


I think they only take about 15 students in each of the two classes, so there really would be individual tuition.


I have no commercial connection to this programme. The main Administrator and Moderator of Ballet Talk for Dancers, Ms Victoria Leigh, suggested that I might put this information on Balletco (and the Mods here have OK'd). Ms Leigh is very supportive of the organisers of this programme, and she is a highly respected teacher and knows quality when she sees it.


If you're interested, best to click through the link and contact the US organisers directly.

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