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Tap shoe laces


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This is a bit of a long short but worth a try!


My dd has lost one lace from her Capezio tap shoes.  It's a ribbon lace, very short only about 18".  Apparently Capezio don't sell replacement laces (although an internet search shows they do in the US!).


I have looked on Ebay but they don't sell laces short enough.  Any ideas?



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Forgot to add they are the type of tap shoes with only one pair of eyelets so normal length laces will be way too long.


These elastics sound interesting!  Actually dd is still struggling to tie laces (she's 9) so maybe I'll get these elastics.  Where do you get them from?

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Just the roll of flat elastic by Korobond from Tesco , tie on while foot in shoe , check they are tight enough not to fall off , but can be slipped on then tie a good knot or bow snip off and burn or sew over the ends ......if there's only one set of eyelets perhaps pass the elastic round twice !

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