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Tap Shoes


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Can anyone offer any help with regards to tap shoes - my daughter is looking for something beyond the regular bloch audeo shoes she currently wears . Her feet have stopped growing and I am happy to invest in something which will last her a while.


Her teacher has recommended Miller and Ben shoes and these are a good option but they are very rigid and whilst good for paddles and similar steps they arent a good all-round shoe. I have looked at the So Danca professional shoe and this looks similar in constrution.


Does anyone have any experience they can throw my way - seems to be sooo much information on pointe shoes but nothing for the tappers!


Many thanks,

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Tap shoes are an instrument - its like purchasing a standard violin and then purchasing something which has been constructed to suit your style/requirements.


There are a lot of good tap shoes on the market and a few which are marketed in a completely different price bracket - just wondered if anyone had any experience?

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My tapping DD currently wears Bloch split soles. But she has found they have stretched so she wishes she had brought half a size smaller. She also said she had to loosen the taps quite a bit to get a good sound.

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