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Concerns about CAT


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I'm having a bit of a moment where I'm considering the concerns I have about dd's CAT scheme


She absolutely loves it. It's a mix of ballet and contemporary.


My worry is that if we prioritise the CAT over everything else she might miss opportunities to do things that I think are valuable.


Recently she had a chance to compete with her own choreography and gain feedback. Doing any more of this would require time off from the CAT


Doing things within musical theatre also means time off.


We aren't doing these things for this reason but it does make me question how we are likely to prioritise things over the coming years.


We just can't fit everything in and as the CAT hours increase I worry that it might not be the best option for getting into college or finding work later if it's all contemporary with a bit of ballet at the expense of other things.


The CAT manager says they are about "making art" but I'm thinking that this is fine and great as long as children are developing during their time there in the broadest possible ways.


Anyone else been in this position?

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