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Olympics 2012


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Just been watching the torch run through Stockton-on-Tees and spotted a runner who was clearly a dancer. He thorougly enjoyed his run & so did everyone watching! The BBC commented on-line about him. What an inspirational story.


Here is what was said: - " Kicking off his stint by delivering a high kick is James Hobley. He was diagnosed with autism at four-years-old and had problems with his legs as he tiptoe walked as a toddler. He had to wear braces on both legs and special orthopaedic boots because the tendons up the back of his legs were tight.

But he made a recovery and discovered dancing, and has won a full scholarship to the Hammond Dance School in Chester.


James adds split jumps to his earlier high kick to complete a snazzy little torchbearer routine" !

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He's not the first dancer Lydia Holt from Elmhurst carried the flame through Cheltenham and also danced her stint in her union jack painted pointe shoes. Picture on BBC website. Maybe not such an inspirational story but still a determination to reach her dream.

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James Hobley has featured in various TV programmes and has overcome a lot to get where he is. he takes determination to a new level! Aside from that, isn't everyone at vocational school demonstrating that they are determined ro reach their dream?

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