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Mariella Devia at Wigmore Hall - tickets still available


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When Anna Netrebko withdrew from ROH Norma, there was a fair amount of online comment to the effect that the fabled Mariella Devia, despite advancing years, has recently been singing very well in Paris and would be the perfect replacement. As it happens Devia comes to the Wigmore Hall on June 14th, for an opera-heavy programme (including Casta diva). This seems the perfect hall for what I know of her voice and astonishingly tickets are still available:-




The website says under 35s can go for £5, which also seems pretty amazing.

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As it happens Devia comes to the Wigmore Hall on June 14th, for an opera-heavy programme (including Casta diva). 


Well, no Casta Diva, and no encores either, so a bit of an anti-climax on the 14th but what did Ruth E and you, Geoff, if you were there think of the rest of the performance? I felt that she was stronger after the interval - at certain points in the first half she was almost inaudible, but understandably as she was ill, and overall pretty damned fine. I would have loved to have heard her Norma. As has been previously pointed out, what a missed opportunity for the RO.  

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I have no inside information on what was going on backstage (although we were told the accompianist was transposing some pieces up as her low notes were suffering) but she looked unhappy from where I was sitting.


What I felt musically is covered by these three published reviews:-








Glad to have been there. Hope she comes back soon.

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