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Elmhurst uniform


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I have the following items of Elmhurst uniform for sale-

4 x polo shirts age 9-10,

Formal uniform skirt 56 cm in length and 60cm around the waist,

Formal uniform pink top,

Formal uniform blazer marked large, arms measure 57cm,

Character skirt 67 cm long, 60cm waist- this is adjustable,

Fleece waist coat XS,

and 2x V Neck sweat shirts age 11/12

All these were purchased for year 7 and only used for half a term some have never been worn.

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I have a character skirt suitable for a small year 7/8. Custom made by Dancing Boutique. Please PM me for detailed sizing if interested

Hi best foot forward, I know its a long time since your post but I might be interested if the skirt is still available.  If you can tell me the waist and length I'll measure my daughter tonight.

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