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English Touring Opera Spring 2016


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Has anyone else seen English Touring Opera's Don Giovanni?


I was very impressed.  It was in an English version that mostly worked very well, and with no surtitles but very clear diction from nearly all the singers I could just focus on the singing with no distractions- what a welcome change.


ETO do a fantastic job taking good productions round the country- sometimes just a few planks and a sheet or two but this is one of their bigger productions and really well staged. I do recommend it even to non- opera lovers.



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I saw it in Hackney on the first night of the run and thought it was one of the best Don Giovannis I've ever seen.  You may not have seen quite the same cast as there are several double-castings.


I'm surprised you say there were no surtitles - are you sure?  There were the night I went (ETO use screens attached to the sides of the proscenium).  You're not the first person to say they weren't there - Richard Morrison's review in the Times said so too, and he was there the same night as me!  But he was sitting at the back of the stalls so it's quite possible he had a restricted view of them, or simply that production and English diction were so good that they kept the eye always drawn to the stage.  But I can assure you that in Hackney at least, they were there - I can even tell you who was operating them.

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