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Something to look forward to later this year: David Bintley's new full-length adaptation of "The Tempest", which premieres at the Birmingham Hippodrome on 1st October. I can't wait!


ETA: Damnation, I should have posted this in Dance News...

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I think we are in for a very good cast. Iain Mackay as Prospero, Jenna Roberts as Miranda and, I believe, Will Bracewell as Ariel. My main concern is my reservation about specially commissioned scores. Anyway, a new full length work is always welcome.

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Re your later post - all fixed now, I think
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Slightly digressing, I went on the 'Complete Walk' on the Southbank this weekend (when short films featuring all 37 Shakespeare plays) were being shown and Douglas Hodge, who was shown quoting lines from The Tempest (as Prospero), definitely got the best gig among all the actors involved in filming 'on location' as his film was shot in Bermuda. There were lots of shots of him walking on white powder sand beaches and staring out to a turquoise sea.

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