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Gary Avis and Friends in Ipswich, Sept 2016

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I'd agree with Nick that sightlines from the circle at the Regent are pretty good all over, but I would add there is not much leg room in the front row.


Best seats in the house, IMO, are in Stalls row K, centre two blocks - there's a spacious gangway between that row and the one in front, so plenty of leg room and no heads immediately in front. They will, of course, be the priciest seats in the house.


Otherwise it is worth bearing in mind that the rake is not very pronounced in the stalls, so seeing over heads can be a problem if you're short. Best to go for seats that are adjacent to the "inner" aisles in the left and right hand blocks. It's a wide auditorium and any seats on the extreme left and right hand sides of the stalls should be avoided - some of them (but not all) will be advertised as restricted view anyway.

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I thought I would remind folk that this is on this coming weekend (Saturday 10th at 7.30pm and Sunday 11th at 1.30pm). It has sold very well, but I understand there are still a few seats available. The Regent box office is at:




Since the casting was originally announced, a number of the advertised performers have, of course, been promoted, including Alexander Campbell, Ryoichi Hirano, Yasmine Nagdhi and Matthew Ball. I believe Mayara Magri, another recent promotee, is replacing Fumi Kaneko who is injured. Miss Magri was very impressive, I thought, in The Invitation.


Judging by the poster, Mara Galeazzi will be dancing the ballroom duet from Act III of Onegin with Gary. 


I will be there on the Saturday evening and will look out for any Ballet.co badge holders.


There are no rail travel disruptions that I am aware of.


The performance, I am told, will last approx 2 hours 45 minutes including the interval - but that is only a best estimate at present.



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Thank you James for estimated running time.


There are rail replacement buses running between Norwich and Ipswich on Sun 11 September.

And there are problems today on the Cambridge to Ipswich line because of a fire.

Enjoy everyone that is going. Gary Avis was very gracious on the local news last night about his reasons for arranging it.

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